How to Sketch Fashion Croquis Quick and Easy

Learning how to sketch fashion croquis can be time consuming. First you have to draw everything perfectly; the head, the arms, body, legs, feet, hands, and even the face take time and dedicated practice to learn how to do correctly. And even though you might get close, as a fashion designer, you’re probably really picky and this makes it hard to settle for a mediocre drawing! The good news is that there are so many ways to get great croquis, you don’t have to work hard at drawing these if you want to.

When you start to learn how to draw croquis, the first thing to remember is that fashion croquis don’t look like regular people. Simply put, this means even if you draw the perfect proportions on the sketch, it still won’t be correct. This is because for fashion sketching, the long and lean figure looks more appealing. The measurement standard is 9 heads, meaning that the figure is the height of about 9 heads tall. Some even use a newer standard of 10 heads.

If you want to actually learn how to sketch fashion croquis by hand, there is a great book called “9 Heads” that you can get and it goes very in-depth about what exactly 9 heads means and how it relates to the real human body. But going about things in this way will lead you down a good but very long road as you become proficient in your new skill. On top of that you still need to get the “9 Heads” book to be able to get the in-depth understanding you need, which will cost you money. If you’re looking for a free option check out the internet.

The internet is a great place to learn how to sketch fashion illustrations because it gives you the flexibility and depth of a giant library. There are so many different places to get fashion croquis, from university websites to some designers who showcase their croquis freely. You can print these croquis and save them for quick sketching later on. But, alas, you can run into a couple problems using croquis from any place on the internet.

If you want to know how to sketch fashion croquis quickly and easily without all the problems, find some places that advertise free croquis. Looking for these types of fashion croquis specifically can keep you out of trouble just in case someone has copyrighted their work. For free fashion croquis and other essential fashion design information, check out the resource box.

Using a Collection Agency For Credit Repair

Credit Ratings. Everyone is talking about them and they are a very important aspect of every adult’s life. But what are they exactly, and how are they determined? It all starts with a credit card, checking account, or bank loan. Once you get any of these, the business which gave them to you reports information regarding the loan (such as your payment history, the amount, if it’s in good standing, etc) to a credit agency. The agency then makes a credit report for you, which can be accessed by other businesses (and yourself as well). Your credit rating is determined based on this credit report. Any bad marks on your credit report will stay with you for 7 years, affecting all aspects of your financial life.A bad mark on your credit report usually starts out as late or missed payments to the creditor. Perhaps you’ve missed a credit card payment or you can’t make your mortgage payments. Eventually the creditor will decide that there is such a small chance that they’ll get you to pay your loan, they will sell it to a collections agency. The collections agency can get defaulted accounts for a small fraction of the actual value. In return the creditor is able to write off the money lost. If this happens, the creditor will let the credit report agency know and the credit report will get the lowest possible score. This score can stay with you 7 years!If this has happened to you, there are things you can do to help the situation. First, if a collections agent has contacted you, call the creditor right away. Discuss ways to pay your debt with them directly, not through the collections agency. If you somehow pay the debt immediately, they will often be willing to remove the bad mark from your credit report, saving your credit rating!If the creditor won’t do this for you or you can’t repay the debt to them, then you’ll have to work with the collection agency. Take your time to think about all of the options available to you before you make your next decision. At this stage the mark on your credit report can’t get any worse, so you have some time to think. Collection agencies are aggressive and will contact you repeatedly, demanding you pay your debt in full or face them in court.Don’t forget that the collection agency most likely got your account for half of what it really was, so if you pay more than this they will make a profit. Offer to pay less than the full amount immediately. Often the collection agency will agree to avoid a long, drawn out process.Let’s recap what we’ve discussed. If you need to quickly repair your credit, first attempt to pay the creditor back directly. If this isn’t possible, then offer the collection agency a full payment of less than the full debt amount. If this doesn’t work, only pay the full amount if absolutely necessary.

Battling Myths of Payday Loans, Credit Scores, and Debt Solutions

A low cost payday loan is a cost effective way to get your hands on fast money. The low cost of payday loans flies out the window when you extend the loan past the original pay date. The loan may still be helpful, especially if it kept your payments going out on time. Having a plan for your money and following through is one of the best ways to come out of an online payday loan clean and unscathed.There are some people who think that their credit is pretty high until they pull their report. There is a high percentage of errors which are found on credit reports. If your score is lower than expected, comb through the information looking for mistakes. Human error is easily corrected and when it means a higher score and lower interest payments on your credit, it definitely is a job worth accomplishing.Some people are leery to check their score thinking it will hurt the overall numbers. Checking it yourself is generally a non-affecting action. it takes hard inquiries from potential creditors to lower your score. You will need to check all three credit reports. Each company works their own reporting meaning you may have errors in any of the three so checking one will only solve one problem not three.The credit bureaus want you to check your credit. They created so anyone can have access to a free credit report every three months in order to keep tabs on what is being reported. There are many other websites which have tried to emulate this free version by offering a free report from only one of the three bureaus. Others will make you sign up for a low cost look but will keep charging each month unless you remember to cancel the service.Debt in collections gets sold between collectors. An old debt, which morally would make sense to pay, could possibly be past your states statute of limitations. Making one payment could restart the clock for the debt giving the lender another opportunity to take you to court. If the debt is older than 7 years, it should not even be on your credit report at all and you should forget about trying to pay it. Focus on maintaining your present finances.Opt for a credit counselor who can help refocus your budget to make your income work for you rather than debt settlement or the last resort bankruptcy option. Choosing an option which will make your credit score suffer more may not be in the best interest of your future finances. Whatever damaging reports the creditors will report is to remain for seven years. Debt settlement programs make take a few years to collect enough money to negotiate the settlement. Once the settlement is made and the creditor is paid, the report will reflect “settled payment” which is still a negative. Your bad credit could continue for another 9 years or more by using a debt settlement company. As bad as bankruptcy is, it could potentially be over faster than debt settlement. Having a second chance at your credit is a great thing. The key here is to learn from your mistakes so your fresh start is built on solid financial ground.Maintaining high balances or closing credit cards will also lower your score. A credit report wants to see you manage your debt. Do your best to maintain less than 30% of the available balance and rotate the cards to keep them active. You have to prove to potential creditors that you have the money skills to be a good business decision.Opting for a payday loan to help with debt is not a good decision. These loans expect a payoff which includes the fees in just a few weeks. Usually people who are already carrying a large pile of debt will struggle to pay off the direct payday loan on time. Use online payday loans sparingly and have a payoff plan before signing for the loan. Too many of these loans out eat away at your income. Keep them a low cost option by using them sparingly. The high interest attached to these loans can do too much damage to a struggling budget when not paid off on time.